Accounting & Bookkeeping

Every client's needs are different, so we pride ourselves on being able to set up customized bookkeeping services that are tailored specifically to the needs of each client.

We understand that every business however small requires the services of a professional accountant. However to get a competent accountant is very expensive for small and medium sized entities and the cost might adversely affect their bottom line. We bridge this by having a pool of clients and providing them the professional services at an affordable rate that is within the client's budget.

Tax Advisory

Every monetary transaction in business however small has a direct or indirect tax implication, therefore having a tax expert on board is paramount in modern business world.

We take time to examine an entity as a whole and assess how each individual transaction will affect the overall tax position of the entity and organization objectives. We then develop strategies on how the entity will remain tax compliant and pay the least amount of tax.

Our range of taxation services include and not limited to:

  • Corporate taxes

  • Value Added Taxes

  • International Tax Advisory

  • Employment taxes

  • Tax Health Checks

  • Assistance with regulatory tax audits

Auditing & Assurance

Though the statutory audit is a requirement of all companies in Kenya, the absolute value of an audit goes far beyond the legal requirement. At every audit engagement, we prepare management letter for the client. We document business risks and internal control weaknesses identified then advise on specific recommendations on how to mitigate such risks and improve controls in future.

We conform to International Financial Reporting Standards and uphold utmost client confidentiality in our engagements.

Apart from statutory audit we also offer other assurance services:

  • Internal Audit

  • Forensic Audit

  • Due diligence

  • Business restructuring mergers, winding-up etc